It's Time For A (New) Neuro-Approach

When it comes to constructing Diversity & Inclusion, countless organizations worldwide make substantial investments (time, money & resources) to “train” their employees, but many seem to struggle with implementation, effectiveness & ROI…Until Now.

Let’s face it, traditional models for D&I Training have been heavily influenced by legal mandates, affirmative action, and a vintage blueprint of the diversity landscape in this country. Evolution, Innovation & Global Consciousness is essential when companies are building or re-engineering a D&I Strategy.

Leaders are recognizing that the more inclusive, transparent and trustworthy their culture, the more likely they are to attract and retain high-performing employees who can facilitate growth as their bottom line.

Innovative Power-Couple, Diversity Professionals and Enigmatic Speakers, Armers and Kyle Young Moncure, have officially combined their super-powers to launch THE NEURO-INCLUSION GROUP, a fresh, experiential D&I Consultancy.

They are on a mission to change the world and Re-Define Diversity & Inclusion; Training by Training, Keynote by Keynote, Workshop by Workshop. They’re helping organizations “Battle Their Biases” - One Client at a Time.


Neuro-Inclusion Methodology




Neuroplasticity is a core element of The

Neuro-Inclusion Methodology. Through

extensive studies in human behavior when

encountering “difference,” we've co-created

a fresh approach to D&I Implementation &


Together we 've uncovered innovative

methods that focus on critical elements of

adult learning and expand on principles of

transformative theory, thereby initiating an

experiential learning experience




Armers and Kyle have taken up the task of

helping organizations subdue the “elephant

in the room” that causes colleagues to feel

left out, different, or less than.

The benefits of having staff and colleagues

who are comfortable in the work

environment are limitless. The sense or

feeling of inclusion and equity enables

colleagues as well as leadership to work

together through seemingly difficult

situations, thereby increasing engagement,

productivity & profitability.”

Innovative Inclusion #LevelUp