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In today’s changing workforce, creating a workplace that is more diverse and inclusive is not only the right thing to do, it is the smartest decision businesses can make.

The Neuro-Inclusion Group believe that it starts with understanding the business case for building a workplace that embraces diversity and knowing what it takes to shift from a compliance – driven diversity program to a culture of inclusion that creates a competitive advantage by inviting all employees into the conversation.

Smarter companies are recognizing a broader definition of diversity that encompasses brain science, human biology, personal differences, personality characteristics, geography, family composition & education.

Diversity is about who you hire. But Inclusion refers to the degree to which employees are valued, respected, accepted and encouraged to participate in the organization.

Inclusiveness is a strategy for using each person’s unique and individual strengths to increase an organizations productivity, profit and performance. In inclusive environments, individuals are appreciated for their unique characteristics and therefore feel comfortable sharing their points of view and other aspects of their true and authentic selves.

While diversity is extremely important, organizations that want to reap the benefits must complement efforts to increase and support diversity with a commitment to creating cultures of inclusiveness. The Neuro-Inclusion Group Can Help.

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The Neuro-Inclusion Group

Our Experience

With more than a decade in the Diversity & Inclusion arena, we decided to brainstorm, redesign & innovate the traditional “diversity“ approach.  

We now share our revolutionary “Neuro-Technology“ with forward-facing organizations  on a global scale.

We consult, collaborate and create solutions to take your Inclusion Initiatives & Employee Engagement to the next level.  

Why Us?

Our Diversi-Team of consultants is stellar & unmatched—that’s why when it comes to client selection, we’re choosy. We want to give you (the client)  the focus, guidance & experience you deserve.  

Our New-Neuro Approach

Our patented “Neuro-Consult Assessment“ is designed to uncover hidden gaps & weaknesses in vintage diversity programs. 

We then partner with clients to innovate & re-create inclusive environments that support, energize & re-engage the entire organization.


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